Analysis for Client’s Needs

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Analysis for Client’s Needs

Ownership Structure:
Main Product / Services:是有发展的,或不是
Key Markets & Emerging Markets
Major Customers:
Major Suppliers:
Reason for Vacancy:
Career Progression(6):
  • What is the future direction of your organization?
  • (Resources) Describe the physical work environment
  • Outline the available support services
  • Organization structure
  • Ask for organization chart (attach)
  • Why would someone want to work for your organization?
  • Remuneration
   Salary:          Vehicle:           Performance based bonus:
   Annual Reviews     month:     Superannuation:  Vesting / Statutory
  • Personal development (study policy)    
  • Recognition other incentives        
  • Describe your culture as it exists?
Main culture and second culture
  • What is your vision / future culture?
  • How will this person be managed?
Management style of the company
  • What type of person will do well in the team?

Your Team

  • Relationships. Who will they have to work with and through to get the job done? (Internal)
  • Other Departments / Managers /Teams (Internal )
  • Supplies / Customer (External)
  • External bodies
  • How would you describe the relationships?
 How to cooperate

Key Result Areas

  • What is the key purpose of the role?
  • Reports to?
  • Direct Reports
  • What are the major responsibilities of the role?
  • What are the key performance indicators for the role?
  • What are the mandatory / key skills required for this role?
Such as people management
  • What are the mandatory knowledge and / or experience / qualifications for the role?
  • What are the desired knowledge and / or experience / qualifications for the role?
  • What are the desired personality traits?
  • What is the desired work style for the role?
  • What is the desired management style?